Review Google Amazon Street View and experience an Amazon rainforest adventure!

In the Amazon Basin of Brazil, many areas are only open to certain personnel due to the Brazilian government in order to preserve the original culture. Therefore, when the Google Street View team was invited to enter the Amazon Basin to shoot Street View images, it was precious and interesting. The street view images that started shooting in August last year were also released for the first time on 321 World Forest Day. As long as you enter Google Maps, you can explore the Amazon basin together.

Google Amazon Basin Street View Experience

Negro River Basin (main section of the Rio Negro)

Tumbira Community, Negro River School

Negro river local tribal architecture

Amazon Rainforest Walk

Brazil Nut Harvest

In August 2011, the Google Street View and Google Earth Outreach teams were invited by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation to enter the Amazon Basin for filming. Precious pictures of tribes and river views”. The day before yesterday, March 21st was World Forest Day. For the first time, Google also officially put the captured images into Google Maps. Just enter “Manaus – Amazonas, Brasil”, and you can take a boat to view the banks of the Amazon Negro River through street view. of beautiful rivers, along the Sheep Trail through forests and tribal landscapes.

▲ Just drag the clothespin man into “Manaus – Amazonas, Brasil” to see the street view of the Amazon basin.

This time, the team took the city of Manaus along the Negro River as the starting point, and started shooting with tribes within 50 kilometers, and took more than 50,000 photos. Ride a Street View tricycle on a boat to shoot rivers, and ride a tricycle on a trail through the jungle. The Street View team also trained local personnel to form a photography team and left the Street View equipment, hoping to obtain more Street View images in the future.

Review Google Amazon Street View and experience an Amazon rainforest adventure!

▲Street view tricycles are tied directly to the roof of the boat, and netizens watch the street view as if they were roaming along the Negro River in a boat.

Review Google Amazon Street View and experience an Amazon rainforest adventure!

▲In the valley of the Negro River, you will see the different widths and the trees that are occasionally isolated in the river.

(There are more precious images of the Amazon Basin later)

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