Samsung Galaxy S23 Might Get An Improved Front-Facing Camera


(Pocket-lint) – Samsung may be upgrading a core component of its flagship Galaxy S23 range of smartphones, according to a new report.

GalaxyClubNL says it’s been heard from sources that the phone will have a new 12MP selfie camera, compared to the 10MP that Galaxy phones have had for a few years now.

While the exact components may have changed and significant software improvements have brought better selfie performance, it’s still nice to hear that we could get a bump in raw resolution.


That could mean sharper selfies from phones that would perform well on that front even if nothing changed at all, although that leaves a big potential variable.

Under-display cameras (UPCs) are starting to become a bit more common, and if Samsung revisits the selfie camera on its mainline phone, it might be time to switch to a new format entirely using a UPC itself.

There’s been no official suggestion from Samsung that it’ll go in that direction, but that’s no surprise – you can’t expect to hear any official details on the phone for a long time.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

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