Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 battery leak shows upgrade


(Pocket-lint) – Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4 may well change the design of its flip phone, but a new leak suggests it’ll also bring a telling change under the hood.

Sammobile has gotten hold of images of a new dual-battery system that will power the Z Flip 4, with a 2,555mAh unit paired with a smaller 1,040mAh one. That’s 3,700mAh of total capacity, which is a noticeable upgrade over the Z Flip 3.

This phone had a 3,330mAh battery, so you’re talking about a decent boost that might just result in better battery life for the actual user.


Of course, it all depends on whether Samsung also tries to get more power-hungry features from the new phone.

If it has an improved screen, for example, the extra battery capacity may be countered by the increased demands placed on it by the hardware.

The phone will now also apparently be able to charge at 25W speeds, so faster charging should be present regardless.

We don’t have any official word from Samsung about the Z Flip 4, but it’s been getting louder and louder in terms of rumors and leaks, so we might not be too far off to hear something more. substantial.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

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