Scarface 2: gameplay for the abandoned 360 game

Tony Montana fans will be thrilled… The Youtuber Mafia Game Videos just released a gameplay video for Scarface 2. Not the movie, but the game that was supposed to follow Scarface: The World is Yours released on Xbox 360 in 2006. After its developer Radical Entertainment was bought out by Activision, the decision was made to abandon the project. But the latter was visibly advanced, as evidenced by the video visible below.

This Scarface: Empire saw Tony moving to Las Vegas. The game mechanics seem similar to the previous episode, a GTA Like with a management component for your savings. A sequence transcribed in the video shows a fairly extensive work on the animations. As noted at 4m40, when you are at the gates of the beyond, you will have three possibilities. Either die, retort with your weapon embellished with flowery words, or even be helped by a sidekick in ambush.

It is always interesting to see what could have been… If the second video game episode of scarface had worked, we would probably have a sequel on our current consoles. And why not do a reboot? Clearly the number of Tony Montana fans is sufficient to ensure its success!

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