Schneider Electric Launches Easy Micro Data Center to Make Edge Computing Faster and More Reliable

Schneider Electric today (18) announced the expansion of its Micro Data Center solution, the Easy Micro Data Center for IT and commercial locations.

Schneider Electric announced the expansion of its Micro Data Center solution with the Easy Micro Data Center for IT and commercial locations. Fast, reliable and affordable, Easy Micro Data Centers have been launched in Europe, East Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa to support all computing, storage and infrastructure associated with edge computing programs. In addition, the Easy Micro Data Center supports remote monitoring of the network and comes with an add-on option for Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT software, allowing users to securely and instantly view data wherever they are.

Schneider Electric’s Easy Micro Data Centers standardize on its recently launched Easy series of racks and cabinets, factory-integrated and shipped directly to the site, complete with the Easy series of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Power Distributors (PDUs) , as well as ambient sensing and cooling. Its high level of integration and testing capabilities simplifies the design and deployment process in the early stage of setting up a data center, enabling IT vendors, system integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) to deploy Easy Micro Data Centers in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. Completed and delivered to the site, its high flexibility, high efficiency, reliability, and low cost are ideal for many enterprises and organizations to quickly deploy.

The small size and sophisticated design of the Easy Micro Data Center are suitable for deployment in any edge computing or IT location. Schneider Electric’s White Paper 223 states that compared to traditional centralized facilities, micro data centers can effectively save 42% to 48% of the cost. The Easy Micro Data Center C series uses enclosed cabinets that can be deployed in semi-controlled commercial environments such as general offices or commercial premises, while the S series uses unsealed cabinets that can be easily integrated into IT environments such as networks and servers engine room.

Rob McKernan, vice president of Secure Power Europe at Schneider Electric, said resiliency, efficiency and speed of deployment are fundamental considerations for edge computing infrastructure. Edge computing can deploy IT resources in any location, creating unlimited possibilities for enterprises, and reliability becomes extremely important, while complying with specifications and budgets. The built-in management software of the Easy micro data center allows users to perform remote monitoring through the cloud, strengthens the control between edge sites, and provides customers with the best combination of reliability, economy and agility.

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