Schneider Electric Launches Grid Operations Platform-as-a-Service on Microsoft Azure

Schneider Electric announced the launch of “Grid Operations Platform as a Service”, an important part of the EcoStruxure Grid solution.

Schneider Electric announced the launch of “Grid Operations Platform as a Service”, an important part of the EcoStruxure Grid solution. With the Microsoft Azure public cloud service platform, the storage and management of solutions related to grid planning and operation can be run on the cloud.

“Grid Operation Platform as a Service” aims to help grid operators meet unprecedented challenges, significantly improve efficiency through simplified deployment, incremental enhancements, improved scalability and reduced maintenance, while providing management and consulting services. At all levels of grid management, whether IT or OT, a more simplified and segmented approach is required to ensure the network security of the grid. Through the cooperation between Schneider Electric and Microsoft, the grid operation platform as a service is provided on Microsoft Azure to meet the needs of the energy industry for critical power infrastructure.

Alexis Grenon, senior vice president of Schneider Electric’s Digital Power Grid Business Unit, said: “Microsoft is very dedicated to this cooperation and is dedicated to promoting the overall digital transformation, starting from the user side, and even the entire organization and industry can benefit from digital transformation. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to work together to help customers become more reliable, efficient, flexible and sustainable in power grid management.”

Schneider Electric has deep experience in providing utilities with cloud solutions related to asset management and edge computing management, and is gradually expanding its services to operations management, such as EcoStruxure DERMS (Decentralized Energy Management System) and EcoStruxure ADMS (Decentralized Energy Management System) running on Microsoft Azure. Advanced Distribution Management System), using scenarios including Decentralized Energy Source (DER) management, outage management, grid planning and user training. Through these operations management services, more small organizations may obtain the same business benefits as large organizations, bringing higher business value to customers and providing more flexible innovation methods.

“Microsoft is supporting Schneider Electric’s solutions, enabling customers to focus on operations rather than time spent managing software and infrastructure,” said Darryl Willis, vice president of Microsoft’s Energy Industries Group. “Our collaboration enables Schneider Electric to leverage Microsoft Azure’s flexibility, reliability and security to address utilities’ most pressing business challenges.”

A few days ago, Schneider Electric also won the No. 1 honor in the list of decentralized energy management system (DERMS) suppliers released by research firm Guidehouse Insights. Schneider Electric’s new EcoStruxure DERMS solution addresses utility grid management needs, providing an end-to-end approach to decentralized energy (DER) management.

The EcoStruxure Grid solution demonstrates Schneider Electric’s vision of Power 4.0, through data integration network models, to jointly create a more reliable, resilient, efficient and secure smart grid. In addition, combined with “Grid Operation Platform as a Service”, it continues to bring growth to distributed energy, microgrids, energy communities and other resources in the life cycle stages of operation, design, and even digital planning.

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