So Ji Sub turned from a genius doctor to a top lawyer, “Medical Criminal” will be launched on Disney+ on June 3

A Malpractice Turned Genius Physician into Top Lawyer, on Disne June 3The new Korean drama “Medical Law and Criminal” launched on y+,Describes how top South Korean surgeon was jailed for the accidental death of a patient,Revocation of license. He had to leave the operating room, turn around and walk into the courtroom,Protect other victims facing similar situations and uncover the truth behind injustices.

For former star surgeon Han Yihan,Nothing is more important than saving a patient’s life. Being the best in class,The youngest surgeon in the country and a talented physician with both internal medicine and surgical licenses,With years of experience, Han Yihan has saved the lives of many important residents of Seoul,Expected to be the next chief of surgery, but everything he had was in an instant.Han Yihan is accused of surgical error causing the death of a patient,The unexplained disappearance of another patient made him even more puzzled, and his license was revoked.So he decided to find out the truth behind the scenes. Unable to continue practicing medicine,Han Yihan took off his doctor’s robe and changed into a formal suit to become a medical malpractice defense lawyer.He tried his best to defend the rights of a doctor, and often with his ex-fiancee in the process,Kim Seok-young, who is also a prosecutor at the Seoul Medical Crime Department, had a dispute.

In the drama “Medical Law and Criminal”, starring “Master’s Sun” and “I’m Sorry I Love You”The popular actor So Ji-sub plays Han, a star surgeon-turned-malpractice defense attorney.Yihan; the heroine is starring in “New Prostitutes” and “My ID is Jiangnan Beauty”Lim Soo-yin plays Kim Seok-young, chief prosecutor of the Medical Crime Department; once participated in “Kairos”: Turning Time into Opportunity”, “Lang Xing Breaking Point”The show’s Shin Sung-rok plays the ambitious Lee Jae-den, director of the Rock University Medical Center. “The screenwriter of “Medical Law and Criminal” is Zhang Hongzhe, who once wrote “Mr. Temporary System”.The director is Zeng, including “Xie Zhi”, “The Village: The Secret of Achiala” and “TheLi Yongshuo of Great Feng Shui.

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