Sonic Team boss would rather make Sonic Adventure 3 than remaster previous games

The Sonic Team leader clarifies that there are no current plans to make Sonic Adventure 3 and no interest in remastering SA1 and SA2.

Sonic Adventure was released on the Dreamcast in 1999, followed by Sonic Adventure 2 two years later. The games were ported to the Nintendo GameCube once Sega became a third party, though only one of them received an HD re-release in 2012.

This means that these beloved titles cannot be found on current platforms outside of backwards compatibility, which has had some fans. wondering if Sonic Team would ever remaster them.

In an interview with VGC, Sonic Team studio head Takashi Iizuka stated that he is not interested in remaking Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. “It’s just about making the graphics nicer and polishing some things up,” Iizuka said. “That’s not what I want to do.”

“There’s a lot more work I’d like to put into creating a new Sonic Adventure game,” he tells VGC. “That’s why there’s no remastering.”

While this may raise the hopes of those wishing for a third adventure game one day, Iizuka also makes it clear that, after an interview with IGN that may have led some fans to think that SA3 would be the next after Sonic Frontiers. , This is not the case.

“It’s all about Frontiers right now, and we have no plans for Sonic Adventure 3 right now. I just want to be clear with everyone!”

What Iizuka said about the fact that Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 will not be remastered may frustrate some fans. For many, remasters aren’t just about prettier graphics and minor improvements.

A potential Sonic Adventure remaster may involve bringing in the original voice actors or even newer ones to fix old and aging dialogue, improve gameplay and make it available on modern platforms, among other things.

The fact that both games are currently only available through Steam and Xbox backwards compatibility makes this situation worse.

Sonic Team boss would rather make Sonic Adventure 3 than remaster previous games, GamersRD

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