Sonic with teeth is back and will star in one of the cameos of the year

Remember that first Sonic design for the movie that came with teeth and horrified hedgehog fans? Mockery on social media (and loathing on YouTube) forced Paramount to postpone the film’s premiere to recast the character, despite complaints from Jim Carrey (Eggman in the adaptation) for paying attention to “people who of all the ways I was’ I’m not going to see the movie. Well, this Sonic, popularly known as Ugly Sonic, didn’t die, party, or end up in the memory vault. He returns with one of the best cameos of the year.

Ugly Sonic, or Ugly Sonic, appears in the recent Chip and Chop: The Rescue Guardians, a movie released direct to Disney+. Far from being an adventure intended for the little ones in the house, the film is reminiscent of works like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and reflects on the state of animation and classic stories in Hollywood today. In it, Chip had to find a life outside of show business and became an insurance salesman, while Chop continues to push his career towards stardom and has undergone 3D surgery to fit in with the times. Like a former glory, Chop goes from convention to convention reliving his glory days, and that’s where he ends up coinciding with the famous version of the blue hedgehog, which tells us what he’s become since he was was replaced in the Sonic movie.

New Sonic series for Netflix

While waiting to see if there’s Sonic 3 on the big screen and if we come across Ugly Sonic again, the Sega character has a new series on the way for Netflix. It will be called Sonic Prime, it will be in 3D and it will come from Sega itself, Wild Brain Studio and Man of Action Entertainment. According to the latter, the adaptation will seek to remain “true to the principles of the brand” and will contain “the hedgehog’s favorite environments and characters”. Seen the first images of its design, the thing does not look bad.

Sonic Prime will have 24 episodes and although it does not have a release date, it is expected for 2022 and it already has a brief synopsis: “A high-octane adventure where the fate of a new and strange multiverse rests in the glove hands of the most famous blue hedgehog in the world of video games. Sonic Prime is a race to save the universe and a journey of self-discovery and redemption for kids, families and longtime fans of the brand. »

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