Sony BRAVIA XR series released, equipped with cognitive intelligence processor XR, release the best performance of Mini LED and QD-OLED

The new Sony BRAVIA XR series was officially released in Taiwan. All series are equipped with the exclusively developed new-generation cognitive intelligence processor XR, which is capable of transcending traditional AI and human-like brain perception to process audio and video content in real time and finely. This year, cognitive intelligence processing In addition to upgrading the image algorithm and sound effect positioning surround technology, it also adopts the exclusive light control and color rendering technology that leads the new generation, perfectly enabling the best performance of different panel series models, with the most realistic contrast and wide color gamut. , elevate the home audio-visual entertainment experience such as chasing dramas, watching movies or games to a more fascinating new horizon.

The BRAVIA CORE audio and video platform, which gathers popular movies from Sony Pictures, is also built into the BRAVIA XR series this year. The high-profile BRAVIA CAM and its intelligent control functions allow movie fans to feast their eyes on the best quality at home!

The key to the new generation of top audio and video:

Cognitive intelligence processor XR, release the best performance of Mini LED and QD-OLED

Evolving from the brand’s years of research and development in audio-visual technology and content production, Sony’s 2022 BRAVIA XR series uses a new generation of cognitive intelligence processor XR, which can efficiently drive the latest Mini LED and QD-OLED series models, presenting a top-level visual feast. Equipped with XR Backlight Master Drive, it can precisely control the latest Z9K and X95K series Mini LED panel backlights, and achieve unprecedented dynamic range, which not only achieves high brightness performance without halo, but also contains deep black levels and the image strength of natural midtones; the QD-OLED A95K series uses XR primary color display Max technology (XR Triluminos Max) to create an extremely wide color gamut, reproducing real-world color levels and tones, with millions of independent Light-emitting pixels release richer colors, bringing a lifelike and vivid viewing experience.

The sound is in place!The perfect combination of audio-visual dual enjoyment

To achieve the fascinating audio-visual quality of the BRAVIA XR series, it is necessary to pay attention to the sound performance: the exclusive XR Sound sound effect technology especially strengthens the sound positioning and optimizes the surround sound field, making the viewing experience more immersive! The BRAVIA XR OLED series is equipped with an advanced version of planar sound field technology, which turns the entire screen into a high-quality speaker, making the performance, dialogue or scene sound more three-dimensional. The LED series adopts multi-range surround sound field technology, and with the blessing of the frame tweeter, it can effectively improve the directional sound source to ensure the sound and image fit, and enhance the theater-like sound effect. When connecting a Sony one-piece surround sound to a home theater, the BRAVIA XR model can also be set as the center speaker to enhance the sound positioning performance; in addition, the entire series is also equipped with 3D surround sound field optimization, which can directly simulate stereo 5.1.2 sound The sound effects create an immersive listening experience.

The new generation of Sony's exclusive cognitive intelligence processor XR has been fully evolved, which can perfectly drive the best performance of different panel models.

A dream at home for movie fans and gamers:

Exclusive BRAVIA CORE audio and video platform, cinema-level viewing enjoyment

BRAVIA CORE, the exclusive audio-visual platform for BRAVIA XR that gathers the latest and classic movies from Sony Pictures. Not only does it have the BRAVIA CORE correction mode to automatically adjust the movie content to the best picture settings, but also has the built-in Pure Stream TM ultra-high-quality streaming technology, which can stream and play HDR movies with near 4K UHD Blu-ray quality at a speed of up to 80Mbps. Compared with the 15-25Mbps streaming speed of general platforms, it can display smoother and richer image details. BRAVIA CORE is also the audio and video platform with the most IMAX Enhanced video resources. When viewing through the BRAVIA XR series that comply with IMAX and DTS certification, the built-in correction mode will automatically optimize the picture, showing the cinematic sound and light shock!

For the Netflix video streaming platform, this year Sony has continued to cooperate with the official to launch a new version of “Netflix Adaptive Calibration Mode (Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode)”, with the ambient light sensor of the BRAVIA XR model. Watching below, you can feel the accurate color and contrast performance that is more in line with the original production level.

BRAVIA XR's exclusive audio-visual platform BRAVIA CORE, which gathers Sony Pictures' latest and classic movies, is officially launched in Taiwan this year!

Sony's exclusive audio and video platform BRAVIA CORE officially debuted, with ultra-high-quality streaming technology and the most abundant IMAX Enhanced film list.

Perfect for PlayStation 5 recommended, immerse yourself in the game world

The new BRAVIA XR series are all recommended models for the exclusive Perfect for PlayStation 5, featuring 4K/120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which can efficiently maximize the potential of the super-popular PS5TM console for ultra-smooth gaming Experience; through the “HDR Auto Tone Correspondence” function, PS5TM will be supported to automatically optimize HDR at the initial setting, and automatically identify the BRAVIA XR model when connecting to select the most suitable HDR display, clearly showing the light and dark levels in high-contrast scenes. detail! And through the “Auto Image Quality Correspondence Mode”, BRAVIA XR can instantly detect the screen PS5TM players are watching and automatically select the appropriate image quality mode: it will automatically switch to a sensitive and smooth low-latency game mode when gaming, and switch to a video mode when watching videos. In order to strengthen the standard mode of the level, it allows users to seamlessly log in to the wonderful scene in one second.

Sony BRAVIA XR's flagship 8K Mini LED Z9K series is equipped with XR's extremely precise backlight control, which can precisely control the Mini LED panel backlight and achieve an unprecedented dynamic range.

Everywhere you sit is an exclusive VIP seat! BRAVIA CAM intelligent detection creates an ideal viewing experience

Sony launched the 2022 CES Innovation Award-winning BRAVIA CAM dedicated external lens accessory, which can automatically correct the picture brightness, sound field and adjust the voice (Voice Zoom) according to the position and distance of the viewer, regardless of the viewing position or angle of the screen, Enjoy exclusive optimized audio and video quality. BRAVIA CAM also has multiple convenient functions, such as “gesture control” that can adjust the channel volume through gestures, “proximity warning” that actively reminds children that the viewing distance is too close, and when the viewer leaves the seat, it will automatically enter the “Gesture Control”. “Automatic power saving mode”; in addition, through the Google Duo program, you can chat and interact with remote relatives and friends on the big screen more closely.

The entire 2022 BRAVIA XR series is equipped with the convenient Google TV system, which supports the most abundant online video, music and game applications, and can quickly find your favorite entertainment content through voice search; the entire XR series also supports Airplay, even if Even iOS users can easily put mobile content on the big screen and share wonderful videos with family members. In addition, the BRAVIA XR new series remote control not only adopts a flush surface design for easy cleaning, but also selects antibacterial materials for the button surface coating, which is more convenient and safe to use.

Sony's new exclusive BRAVIA CAM lens accessories, intelligent detection to create an ideal viewing experience.

Fulfill the brand goal of “Road to Zero”, be innovative and friendly to the environment

Behind the commitment to developing excellent products, how to reduce the impact on the environment is also the focus of Sony’s continuous efforts; some models of the new BRAVIA XR series use the exclusively developed recyclable SORPLAS TM recycled plastic in the design, and the OLED series effectively reduces the amount of virgin plastic While up to 60%, it still has the texture and quality of the fuselage; in addition, through more efficient and environmentally friendly methods such as reducing energy consumption during manufacturing and transportation, lightweight packaging design, etc., to create beauty from the inside out epoch-making new products.

Sony’s new BRAVIA XR series will be launched in Taiwan from now on. For more product information, please contact Sony’s direct sales channels throughout Taiwan or refer to Sony’s official shopping website.

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