Sony would be presenting 2 monitors and 3 exclusive headsets for PS5

While gamers are still struggling to get a PS5, Sony Sony would be presenting 2 monitors and 3 exclusive headsets for the console.

According to prominent industry insider Tom Henderson via eXputer, the company will reveal three new headsets and two new monitors with “PlayStation exclusive features” next week. All of these products are reportedly part of “INZONE”, a new Sony brand.

The three different headsets called INZONE The H3, H7, and H9 are apparently Discord certified and include 360 ​​spatial sound. Both the H7 and H9 are reportedly wireless, with the H7 boasting the best battery life, while the H9 (which is the most pricey of the group) includes noise cancellation. On the other hand, the H3 is the cheapest of the three and is wired.

As for the monitors, those “exclusive features” include auto gender picture mode (basically, they can automatically switch to a gaming mode that reduces input lag) and HDR auto tone mapping (for automatic image optimization). your HDR settings).

Henderson claims that one of the monitors will offer HD gaming at 240Hz, while the other will feature 4K gaming at 144Hz. Apparently, both will also include “gaming assist features” such as displaying your FPS, a viewfinder, and brightness and contrast. refined. So far we are only waiting for official information from Sony.

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