Space whales in No Man’s Sky: here is Leviathan, its new extension

Just as in his day we ran out of jokes and jokes about the state he came out in, now we run out of praise. Six years after its release, No Man’s Sky continues to give back to its community with overwhelming new free expansions. The next one will be called Leviathan, will it be number nineteen? Twenty ? and includes as great novelty the presence of space whales and roguelike mechanics.

Like Returnal, this extension will plunge us into a time loop where “death is not the end”. We must escape such an anomaly in a new cooperative story with its own narrative and full of dangers and scenarios that change every time we fall in battle. Check out the first trailer for No Man’s Sky Leviathan and its full list of new features:

No Man’s Sky is coming to Nintendo Switch

2022 is a busy year for Sean Murray and the folks at Hello Games. Leviathan is No Man’s Sky’s third expansion this year after Sentinels, in which they completely overhauled the combat system, and after Outlaws, where we were allowed to become space pirates. In addition to these DLCs and new shipments, the studio has been working on compatibility with Steam Deck (already available) and is currently immersed in the port for Nintendo Switch. We still don’t have a date for it, but it’s still planned for the summer and its creators say they’re giving it “the finishing touches.”

Has No Man’s Sky ever been redeemed? Or do you think there will never be forgiveness for what happened in 2016? In the “From the Moon to the Sky and Back” article, we went over the whole story behind the game, in case you want to wake up from past traumas or catch up. The plot is worthy of the best Netflix productions, but we love a good redemption story.

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