Spider-Man 4: Jacob Batalon hints that the Hobgoblin could be a reality

Spider-Man: No Way Home may have been the final chapter in the origin story of spider-man of Tom Holland, but that doesn’t mean that fans of MCU have seen the last of the arachnid or his friends.

While the Multiversal adventure set Spidey’s future in New York City, due to the spell of Doc Strange; the future of Ned by Jacob Batalon and MJ of Zendaya is in doubt and is a huge subject of speculation.

The emotional ending of No Way Home confirmed that MJ Y Ned they still head to MIT; However, before that conclusion, the film hints at the potential of peter parker and supervillain of Ned.

In addition to displaying the ability to open portals and briefly sport the Cloak of Levitation, No Way Home included a moment when Ned find out from him Peter of Tobey Maguire that his best friend turned into a villain and tried to kill him.

This leads to Ned to promise his Peter, that he would not do the same; however, in the comics, ned leeds is often associated with a villain known as Hobgoblin.

Jacob Batalon recently shared an image of himself holding an action figure from hobgoblin on his Instagram story, which was shared via Reddit, sparking further speculation about the future of Ned in the UCM.

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Although the character of ned leeds has been associated with hobgoblin in the comics, it’s a complicated story.

Several people in the comics have owned the personality of hobgoblin over the years, including Robert Kingsley, who purchased the equipment Green Goblin and became involved with the criminal underworld.

Ned Leeds gets involved in the drama after being brainwashed into believing he is hobgoblin and even forms an alliance with the Kingpin’s son to overthrow WilsonFisk.

In response to the Batalon image, several fans shared their thoughts on the possibility of the “guy in the chair” becoming Hobgoblin.

It is important to note that the image of battalion it may not mean anything at all. The actor is aware of the speculation of hobgoblin and he has commented on it before; Your post on the networks could well be just for fun, and nothing more.

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