Square Enix wants to develop “story-focused” NFT games

According to the company’s 2022 Shareholders’ Meeting Report (as reported by michsuzuki), it plans to continue integrating blockchain technology into game development.

Revealed in the report, the company’s mid-term goals include “development of blockchain games and entertainment products.”

However, discussing how blockchain would impact the company’s largest franchises, the president of squareenix, Yosuke Matsuda said, “It’s still too early to consider making Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy blockchain games.”

Square Enix recently sold CrystalDynamics, Eidos Montréal, Square Enix Montréal and a catalog of IPs that include Tomb Raider, god ex, Thief Y Legacy of Kain by $300 million to the Embracer group.

When the acquisition was announced, Square Enix It said that “the transaction enables the launch of new businesses by advancing investments in fields including blockchain, AI and cloud.”

However, during the Japanese publisher’s full-year financial results briefing on May 13, Chairman Yosuke Matsuda said the money from the sale will be used to strengthen the company’s core gaming business.iamegsn

“Instead of using proceeds from divestment in new investment domains such as NFT and blockchain, we intend to use them primarily to fund our efforts to foster strong intellectual property and enhance our development capabilities in our core digital entertainment segment.” , said.

In a New Year’s letter published over the holidays last year, Matsuda pledged to make blockchain and NFT gaming part of the gaming portfolio of SquareEnix.

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