Star Wars: KOTOR 2 can’t be completed on Switch due to a bug and Aspyr recommends using cheats

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords, the recent Nintendo Switch port of Lucasfilm’s classic RPG, had a somewhat controversial launch in the Great N’s hybrid. So much so that since its earlier cinematic release This month, a percentage of players were warned via social media and Aspyr Media forums that they couldn’t get past a certain point in the quest, especially after the landing cutscene on Onderon. Now, Aspyr Media, responsible for the port, has offered a somewhat peculiar temporary solution.

Aspyr Media recommends enabling cheats

Así, desde el studio responsable del port del juego, Aspyr Media, ha recomendado a aquellos jugadores que experimentan problems con el progreso del juego, que la mjor temporal solución es activar el menú de tricks del propio título mientras no llegue una solución oficial via actualization. To do this, players encountering this bug on Switch will need to triple-click the left stick to bring up the cheat menu and select the warp option.

After activating said cheat, the player must choose to teleport to the OND504 area, avoiding the merchant area so as not to block progress. Of course, this is a somewhat abrupt solution that does not hide an imprecise management of an error that should not reach the final version of the title, even more so if we take into account that This is a port of a 2004 game.

At this time, Aspyr Media has not specified a date for the release of a patch that fixes the problem, although they cover their backs by assuring that it is a bug that “does not affect only a small number of users’ of the title and that it is not a widespread error.

Source | Aspyr Media

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