Summer 2022 Anime List And Where To Watch Them

Summer is here, which means it’s time for cold delights and hot new anime to keep you entertained until the weather cools down a bit.

Every season, over 50 anime series and new seasons are released, making it hard to keep track of which ones you want to watch. So, as fellow otakus, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 anime that you absolutely shouldn’t miss:


animated title Release date Where broadcaster Studio
Overlord IV July 5, 2022 Amazon Prime Video CRAZY’S HOUSE
The devil is part-time! July 14, 2022 Disney+ Studio 3Hz
Elite II Classroom July 4, 2022 Crunchyroll Lerche
Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? IV July 21, 2022 HIDIVE JC Staff
Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2 July 2, 2022 Crunchyroll TMS Entertainment
MADE IN ABYSS Season 2 July 6, 2022 HIDIVE Citrus Kinema
call of the night July 8, 2022 HIDIVE LIDENFILMS
When will Ayumu make his move? July 8, 2022 SILVER LINK.
HOUSE OF SHADOWS Season 2 July 9, 2022 CloverWorks
Recoil of Lycoris July 2, 2022 ANIPLUS Picture A-1

Not all anime reach the top, but that doesn’t mean they are less.


While these are some of the most anticipated premieres, you shouldn’t overlook the following either, as you might even find a favorite:

animated title Release date Where broadcaster Studio
My Isekai Life July 4, 2022 HIDIVE REVOROOT
Harem in the labyrinth of another world July 6, 2022 Crunchyroll Keen
Kinsou no Vermeil July 5, 2022 HIDIVE Basic entertainment
My stepmom’s daughter is my ex July 6, 2022 Project No. 9
Dark Summoner July 9, 2022 bilibili Satelight
Isekai Yakkyoku July 10, 2022 diomedea
Engage the kiss July 3, 2022 Picture A-1
Isekai Ojisan July 6, 2022 netflix Pontdarc workshop
The maid I recently hired is mysterious July 24, 2022 SILVER LINK., BLADE
Lucifer and the Cookie Hammer July 9, 2022 NAZ
Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro July 3, 2022 Crunchyroll WHITE FOX
RWBY: Ice Queendom July 3, 2022 Crunchyroll TREE
GUIDANCE Part 2 July 12, 2022 Crunchyroll ACGT
The Yakuza’s Guide to Childcare July 7, 2022 bilibili feel., GAINA
Dropkick on my devil! X July 6, 2022 NOMADIC
Fuuto Tantei August 1, 2022 Crunchyroll Studio Kai
luminous witches July 3, 2022 TREE
Shine on! Bakumatsu Bad Boys July 8, 2022 Crunchyroll , bilibili Geno Studio
Tokyo Mew Mew Mew July 6, 2022 HIDIVE Company Yumeta, Graphinica
Prima doll July 3, 2022 HIDIVE Bibury Animation Studios
Love live! Super star!! Season 2 July 17, 2022 LEVER OF THE SUN
Musashino! July 2, 2022 Crunchyroll AlcedoAlcy
Tiredness ! Goal for the future July 2, 2022 Crunchyroll MPE squared
The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup July 7, 2022 Studio KAI, MSC
Teppen—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 2, 2022 Conduct
Smile of the Arsnotoria the Animation July 6, 2022 Crunchyroll LIDENFILMS
idol ghost July 2, 2022 Studio Gokumi
extreme hearts July 10, 2022 seven bows
SHINEPOST July 13, 2022 Studio Kai
DECO YUREI July 3, 2022 Crunchyroll SARU Science
KJ file July 11, 2022 ILCA, cry
Bang Dream! Morfonication July 28, 2022 Youtube SANZIGEN
D4DJ Double Mix Summer 2022
Utano☆Princesama♪ Maji Love ST☆RISH Tours: Tabi no Hajimari July 31, 2022 Picture A-1
Nights with a cat August 4, 2022 Studio PuYUKAI
CARD FIGHT!! VANGUARD Will+Dress July 5, 2022 ANIPLUS , Crunchyroll , HIDIVE , Youtube Kinema Citrus, Gift-o’-Animation, Studio JEMI
Hanabi-chan wa Okuregachi July 10, 2022 GAIN
CHEMO July 8, 2022 Animation Shin Ei
5-Oku-Nen button: Sugahara Sōta no Short Short July 15, 2022 SOTA STUDIO
iii icecrin 2 July 2, 2022 Shin-Ei Animation, TIA

With so many shows to catch up on, there’s no chance of getting bored all season long, and you won’t even have to search for hours to watch something while your food is cooling.

I’m looking forward to Lycoris Recoil and Shadows House this season, how about you?

Originally written by Epic Dope

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