Terraforming Mars now available for free on the Epic Games Store: Jotun and Prey are next

One more week, the Epic Games Store offers its users the opportunity to add a new title (or several, depending on the week) to their library of digital PC games completely free of charge. And this time the chosen game is Terraforming Mars, a strategy and management adventure in which we must terraform the planet Mars to make it habitable for a new human civilization. And best of all, by adding the title to our Epic Games Store collection, we’re keeping the game forever, with the ability to install and play it as many times as we want, with no limits.

Confirmed the following free games

Terraforming Mars offers us the possibility of directing the transformation of the red planet into a habitable planet thanks to its more than interesting possibilities in terms of strategy and resource management. “Companies are racing to turn Mars into a habitable planet by spending vast amounts of resources and using innovative technology to raise its temperature, create a breathable atmosphere and create oceans of water. As terraforming progresses, more and more people will migrate from Earth to the Red Planet,” reads its description.

To add Terraforming Mars to our collection, simply go to the product page in the Epic Games Store with our active user, and click the blue Add to Library button. A window will open to confirm the order and immediately after we will have the game as property and completely free. Of course, we only have one week to claim the game, since with the arrival of the new titles of this weekly promotion, Terraforming Mars will return to its usual price of 19.99 euros.

In addition, we already know the next two games that will be offered for free on the Epic Games Store in a week; and these are two real candies. These are Jotun: Valhalla Edition, a Viking-inspired action adventure, and Prey, the reboot of the franchise from Arkane Studios.

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