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The PUBG Nations Cup 2022 was full of exciting moments from top players around the world. As Team UK clinched the second PUBG Nations Cup championship, players showcased some highlights to go a long way. Here are the top 5 moments to cherish from PNC 2022.

5. Savior knocks out vhz with the iron sight on Mk47 Mutant


Except for those of you who like to use the iron sight and the Mk47 Mutant, you will know how difficult it is to be precise with the gun. However, Hu “Savior” Wei-Zhong was the sniper as he beat Hailton “vhz” Junior just at the start of the game. The Brazil team was the leader at this point, and things went downhill for them afterwards, as they struggled on Days 3 and 4, finishing in 3rd place behind the Vietnam team.

4. The British team insta-wipes the Argentinian team on horseback

When playing PUBG, sometimes you just have no choice but to try and take down those armed and ready enemies that are just waiting for you. The Argentinian team had to make this choice heading into the open arms and fire of the British team. The British team, being the best team in the tournament, single-handedly eliminated the Argentinian team and won this match.

3. Inonix decides the winner between Team USA and Team China

Na “Inonix” Hee-joo is arguably one of the best clutch players PUBG esports has seen. He’s used to battling multiple players… and winning. That wasn’t the case for Inonix this time, but he managed to knock down several people before falling, ultimately deciding the outcome of the clash between Team China and Team USA.

2. The Shotgun Fiasco

When the circle collapses towards downtown, players start picking up shotguns instead of their DMRs, as shotguns are the most powerful at close range. The end of match 15 was a fiasco between the Far Eastern countries. Wei “xxxLu” Daying is known to be an excellent marksman, but his shotgun skills weren’t good enough to win a 2v1 fight against Kein “Kein” Sera as the Japanese team claimed victory.

1. Team Vietnam gets 11 out of 12 points to move up to 2nd place

Before game 20, the Vietnam team had 159 points, which is 14 points less than the Brazil team. For the Vietnam team to get 2nd place, they had to score at least 14 points more than the Brazil team. In case of a tie, the Vietnam team had the advantage via the tie-breaker rule.

The Brazil team was eliminated early, scoring only four points, and the Vietnam team managed to position themselves on the only remaining compound in the safe zone. When 10 players remained on the map, Team Vietnam had earned three eliminations plus four placement points – seven in-game points – and they needed 11 more points to reach 2nd place. Winning the chicken dinner would mean six extra placement points, so they had to kill at least five of the six remaining enemies – a near impossible task, but they managed to do the impossible and proudly placed 2nd overall .

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