The 5 most unlikely requests from MCU actors during filming

Hiding food, refusing to run… Here are the 5 most curious requests from MCU actors during their filming.

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Marvel: the 5 most unlikely requests from MCU actors during filming

Between the first published in 1939 and the release of the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, 83 years have passed. 83 years during which Marvel has built an absolutely colossal cinematic universe, full of stories, scenarios and characters.

To bring these superheroes, who are the dream of millions of children (and also adults), to life on the screen, actors have risen to the top of the bill, embodying their roles to perfection. But “With great power comes great responsibility” As Uncle Ben would say in Spider-Man. Like these bizarre rules that MCU actors have to follow, the performers also make surprising demands during filming.

1. Robert Downey Jr. hides food

The Marvel universe would probably be less popular without the charismatic interpreter of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. Even if Avengers: Endgame signs the death of the “visionary”, the actor is certainly one of the highest paid of the whole saga , but it would also be the greediest. In the skin of Tony Stark, the latter does not hesitate to snack. We also see him regularly eat during the films, even though it is not at all planned for by the script. So Robert Downey Jr. Brings Back his own snacks and even goes as far as hide on set.

Tony Stark eating Marvel Studios, Disney

2. Chris Evans hides his beard

One hides food and the other hides hair. Chris Evans, interpreter of Captain America adds work to the makeup team. In the first part ofavengers,the post-credits scene brings all the heroes together around a table of a shabby fast-food: everyone tastes their cshawarma except Captain America half hiding his face with his hand. In reality, the scene was shot very late and Chris Evans had already started filming Snowpiercer, the Transperceneige, a role for which he grew a beard. In order to avoid false connections and especially to shave his beard, the actor had to wear a prosthesis all at the level of his chin in order to hide his hairiness.

Marvel Studios, Disney

3. Willem Dafoe wants to do his stunts

The green jester is certainly one of most charismatic villains in the MCU. Incarnated by Willem Dafoe, the actor with multiple Caesars then 66 years old still in good shape. The actor demanded to be able to perform as many action scenes as possible in his films. Even if the contract of the actors of the MCU plans to limit the risks related to the stunts as much as possible, Willem Dafoe ignored this rule as he explained in an interview: “It’s really fun for me. Action scenes are the only way to root a character”.


4. Tom Holland doesn’t want a wig

After Chris Evans who wants to keep his beard, Tom Holland doesn’t want his hair touched. The young rising star of the MCU and interpreter of Peter Parker refuses to wear a wig to embody Spider-Man. As the actor wrapped up filmingUncharted where he plays Nathan Drake, he has been criticized for having too much cut “cool” and “stylish” to play Peter Parker, who is more renowned for having a cut more cheesy and messy. Despite his young age, Tom Holland imposed himself on the set and refused to wear a wig:

My hair in Uncharted is much more stylish. I have the sides shaved, the back is smoother. That doesn’t really do Peter Parker. He’s a bit of a loser. For the first time in my life, I stepped up as a lead actor and said, ‘I don’t want to wear that f***ing wig. I have shorter hair and you’re going to have to get used to it.

Tom Holland Franco Origlia

5. Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t want to run anymore

The one-eyed super spy and former leader of the SHIELD is one of the most present characters in the MCU. Longtime regular to the Marvel universe, Samuel L. Jackson also has some specific requests during filming, in particular to avoid as much as possible the scenes where he has to run. We would almost forget that the actor, now 73 years oldneeds to slow down a bit.

Samuel L.Jackson Albert L. Ortega

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