The all-round experience of FarEasy Coin OMO, save NT dollars with FarEasy Coin!

Far Eased Coin OMO All-round Experience Save NT Dollars with Far Eased Coin!FarEasy Life works with users to fight inflation with all-access telecommunications bills, unlimited discounts on mobile phones, and “Coca-Cola” ZERO SUGAR stores limited redemption

With rising prices and the arrival of the tax filing season, FarEasy Life is considerate of users to fight inflation together, expand the multiple application fields of FarEasy Coin, and provide users with an all-round OMO (Online merge Offline) experience, allowing consumers to save more with FarEasy Coin , buy more cost-effective. Far EasTone Coin is equivalent to cash. Far EasTone users can enjoy Far EasTone Coin rewards when paying bills and shopping. It can be used to trade off and exchange products on the “Far Transit Heart Life” APP, as well as credit telecommunications bills, mobile phone project prices, and retail prices. , Far Chuan friDay shopping consumption, all-round to meet the needs of life.

100 Yuan Chuan Coins can be easily exchanged for gifts: discounted bills, exchanged for shopping gold in supermarkets, and yoxi ride money

Far EasTone Life is considerate of the petty bourgeoisie, considers the budget carefully for users, launches a variety of value-added products that can be exchanged within 100 Far EasTone Coins, and at the same time enriches the fields of use: Far EasTone Coin 1 yuan is worth 1 yuan, in addition to being able to be discounted to the Far EasTone telecommunication account The single fee can also be used to exchange 50 yuan and 90 yuan shopping gold for the whole family, and it can be used flexibly with a few points. From now on, there will be 2 Yuan Chuan coins exchanged for the mobile game “Neverland of the Stars” aquamarine gift pack worth 200 yuan, 5 Yuan Chuan coins can be exchanged for yoxi 150 yuan travel credit, 5 Yuan Chuan coins can be exchanged for Mycard with a 30 yuan discount over 500 yuan Cash discount coupons, and 10 Yuan Chuan Coins exchanged for 25 yuan Coke ZERO SUGAR, exchange small for large and super discount.

OMO all-round experience! Online collection of points and offline exchange, “0 distance remote transmission and 0 card Coca-Cola”

Yuan Chuan Coin synchronizes online and offline users with fans, providing an all-round OMO experience! From now on, users of FarEasy Life can show the APP membership barcode at FarEasy stores in Taiwan, and then they can exchange 10 FarEasTone Coins for a can of “Coca-Cola” ZERO SUGAR’s latest event package this summer. Before June 2, participate in the 520 Confession Community Event of Far Easant Life, mark a friend to complete a creative message and make a sentence, and reply to the designated post of Far EasTone’s official IG, you will have a chance to win the “Coca-Cola” Icemaster Cup or “Coca-Cola”. “Waterproof bag. After the event, you will be selected as the top 5 most creative, and you will also receive 100 Yuan Chuan coins; in the limited-time dynamic finals, you will be selected as the most creative message, and then you will receive a box (24 pieces) of canned “Coca-Cola” customized creative messages. “ZERO SUGAR to take home!

10 Yuan Chuan coins can be exchanged for 25 yuan at the Yuan Chuan store, Coke ZERO SUGAR

1 Yuanzhuan currency can be redeemed for 1 yuan telecom bill, and there is no upper limit for small-value collection, store consumption, and online shopping.

Far Ease Coin can not only be directly discounted to the mobile phone/3C project price when applying for new applications/carrying codes/renewing contracts in the Far Ease store, but also after the Far Ease Heart Life has opened the Far Ease Coin can be discounted to the telecom bill, it has also received enthusiastic responses from users. 1 Far EasTone Coin can be converted into 1 Yuan Far EasTone telecommunication bill fee. The denominations are 20 Yuan, 50 Yuan, 100 Yuan and 200 Yuan. You can exchange it first and then pay the bill. You can purchase a single movie in the cinema at Far EasTone friDay Video and use the telecommunication account. For single payment, it can also be exchanged for Far-Easy Currency.

For users who love online shopping, Far Ease Coin can be redeemed on Far Ease friDay without an upper limit. On May 26th, the friday shopping event of Far EasTone launched a 24-hour limited “1 Far Ease Coin = 2 Yuan” campaign. On the day, a single transaction can use 15% of Far EasTone Coins to redeem the consumption amount, and the upper limit of 200 Far Bias Coins can be redeemed for purchases of 3,000 yuan. Commodities, use 200 Yuan Chuan coins to save 400 yuan.

  • “Saving NT Dollars with Far Eased Currency” activity website:【For more information about the event, please refer to the official page】
  • “1 Yuanzhuan Coin = 2 Yuan” event website:【For more information about the event, please refer to the official page】

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