The best video game soundtracks for European Music Day

It’s always a good day to prove video game music right, but June 21 is even better. Today is music day in Europe and we have decided to celebrate it by choosing some of the pieces that move us the most in the sector. Melodies, songs and BSOs also related to current events, with recent or imminent releases. Because in addition to the musical games and their curious evolution, every story hides a good number of chords capable of making us dance, cry and vibrate with emotion. Which ones are happening to you?

Final Fantasy VII — Tifa Theme

The Final Fantasy saga is full of wonderful soundtracks and with this year being the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, we couldn’t stay with another. Especially since Square Enix has just announced several remakes, remasters and reboots of the game in question. And sorry, but we talk about the OST FFVII and we automatically think of Tifa. It is to listen to its chords and immediately transport yourself to a starry night, the night of a promise that neither its protagonists nor we will ever forget. A song of melancholy, unrequited love and home.

The Last of Us – The Path

And from one broken promise we move on to another, from Joel to Ellie, to the world and to the belated motive of his crusade. The recently announced remake of The Last of Us is rigorously topical again this Naughty Dog masterpiece. It is true that his first comparisons with the original arouse some controversy, but the work of Gustavo Santaolalla is beyond doubt. It’s very, very difficult to stick to a theme, but we’ll choose The Path. A heartbreaking punctuation that resounds during the final credits, when the screen goes black and we look at our own reflection on television, unable to believe everything that has happened during the previous hours.

Persona 5 – Life will change

The arrival of Persona 3, 4 and 5 on Xbox will reveal to many users the advantages of the Atlus saga, among which, of course, its soundtracks. Persona 5 Royal will be the first to land on Game Pass next October, so we’re going to pick out some of its flashes of music-loving genius. Moreover, we are not going to choose him, but his own fans. At his time, Atlus organized a survey of the community and Life Will Change was crowned best song of Persona 5. A mess of personality that proclaims rebellion and the desire to change society. There is no better theme for phantom thieves.

Cuphead—Floral Fury

Cuphead deserves all the praise it gets, but admittedly most of it overlooks its soundtrack. They tend to focus on their continuing homages to thirties animation and miss an equally wonderful section. Now that its expansion arrives, The Delicious Last Course (of which we already know the price, the duration and the content), it is the right time to claim this quality. Even more knowing that the DLC will raise the bar and it will grow from the 65 musicians in the base game to over 110. The best representative of Cuphead’s OST is Floral Flury. Not only is it Kristofer Maddigan’s most streamed song, it was also featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and even has a behind the scenes look unlike Whiplash.

Elden Ring — Main Theme

With so many GOTYs from the past on the list, we couldn’t close without one that aims to be this 2022. so memorable. Only a main theme like Elden Ring is able to lift the spirits to try again and again (and again and again and…). It’s listening to Yuka Kitamura and Tsukasa Saitoh’s track and coming out on top. We would be able to enter the Midlands on our own. And even to challenge the Sentinel Agestre!

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