The Boys: Herogasm Trailer Includes Hilarious Content Warning

herogasm refers to the comic’s six-issue spin-off miniseries TheBoys, where the Supes they band together under the guise of fighting a global threat, but reunite for a giant orgy of superheroes.

The comic herogasm by writer/creator Garth Ennis and artist John McCrea was intended as a parody of the annual superhero events that Marvel Y DC They usually do; but with the excessive style of the universe of TheBoys.

In a new trailer promoting the episode of herogasm this week, a comically long content warning is placed with some pretty lewd descriptions of what viewers should be prepared for, ending with the line “Not suitable for any audience“.

The footage in the trailer is mostly reactionary, with the original post saying it was the “only legal footage I’d approve of showing you ahead of time,” which is probably true.

Not-so-subtle porn-style music plays in the background of the trailer as deep says, “This is herogasm.”

While some aspects of the episode will have to be changed due to the show TheBoys deviates in many ways from the comic; it looks like the wild, depraved and shocking aspects of the comic will be there.

the scene between Homelander Y Soldier Boy of herogasm he probably won’t be in the episode due to the character’s different approach on the show.

However, there will undoubtedly be some moments of exploitation for many key characters present; mainly driven by Homelander, who has continued his descent into madness this season.

herogasm has already had at least one drawback; since the social media company rejected the Twitter emoji for #Herogasm due to its graphic nature.

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