The Maid I Recently Hired Is Mysterious: July Debut, New PV

The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious is a cute comedy that features Lilith, a loyal maid, and Yuuri, her suspicious master.

This chibi lord constantly thinks that Lilith isn’t up to anything good. It’s only when you observe carefully that you realize that Lilith is doing her best to make Yuuri happy. The child is so oblivious that he misinterprets every action and thinks she is a witch (because how else could she be so perfect?).

The anime The Maid I Recently Hired is Mysterious will be released on July 23, 2022. With its new trailer and wacky characters, the series is ready for a smashing start:


TV Animation “The Maid I Hired Recently Is Suspicious” 1st PV|Broadcast started July 23, 2022

Yuuri, the curious little brat, can be seen spying on Lilith the whole time. His weird hobby is getting so out of control that I wonder when he’s studying.

Yet another bonus point of being a child is blissful ignorance. He tells Lilith how much he loves her without even realizing how embarrassing it is for her.

“Su, Suki Janai! (I- I Don’t Love You!), the anime’s opening theme from idol group ≠ME is also previewed in the anime. The ending theme of the series is “The Two People in the Secret Garden” by Yui Horie.

As the anime’s start date moves forward, I wonder why Lilith is working for Yuuri. The kid owns a mansion but is bankrupt, so he can’t hire a maid. So why is Lilith so loyal to him?

The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious | Source: Crunchyroll

Does Lilith have an ulterior motive or is she really a benevolent soul? We will find out this summer.

About the maid I hired recently is mysterious

The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious is a manga series by Wakame Konbu. It was launched in Gangan Joker magazine in January 2020, it was authorized by Yen Press. It will also receive an animated adaptation.

The story focuses on Yuuri, a little boy who is taken in by a housekeeper, Lilith. The maid is a superb cook and does all the chores neatly, which makes him suspicious. What ulterior motive does she have to work for free? Or is she just a loving woman?

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