The May 2022 Xbox Game Pass and Rewards Quests Guide

  • By devouring the carrots, your slimes will release the famous plorts.
  • Collect plorts and sell them at the plorts market. Close to your house, it has a large screen indicating the value of your slime plorts, impossible to miss.

Works on Xbox, PC and xCloud. Tested on Xbox.

monthly-quest-iconGame Pass Explorer

• Game size: /
• To get back : 10 dots
• Game time required: 3 minutes

Play 4 different Game Pass games.

Not much to say about this quest except that as a Rewards points hunter that you are, you will have no trouble completing it from the first week, so no need to worry about it. Launching a title without playing it on all media will be counted from the first seconds.

monthly-quest-iconBeginner Quest

• Game size: /
• To get back : 25 dots
• Game time required: 1 week

Complete 6 daily quests and 4 weekly quests.

Each week, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription holders can complete respectively four or five quests weekly (one game each week reserved for Ultimate members). Whichever formula you choose, you will be able to collect the points for this quest. since the first day.

monthly-quest-iconDevoted to quests

• Game size: /
• To get back : 100 dots
• Game time required: 12 days

Complete 12 daily quests and 8 weekly quests.

This mission is special because it is really from there that your subscription can make the difference. Due to card activity requirements, completing this quest will require a minimum of three weeks of effort for Xbox Game Pass holders as well as Ultimate members. But if the latter can afford to miss a few weekly missions, the former should aim for 100% over 3 weeks unless counting on the last set of quests of the final week.

monthly-quest-iconThe Quest Finalizer

• Game size: /
• To get back : 1000 stitches
• Game time required: 22 days

Complete 22 daily quests and 12 weekly quests.

We’re not going to lie to each other, if we’re after a particular quest, it’s this one! Even if it is less profitable than originally, it’s always fun when it falls! Depending on the months and the subscription you benefit from, your attendance could be put to the test. Once again, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be accommodated in the best seats since they benefit from a increased number of weekly quests. For Xbox Game Pass Classic membership holders, this card will only tolerate failure of one weekly quest during the monthly exercise, otherwise they will be missed. What could be more infuriating than missing this card for a notch or two? Nothing I admit. So calculate your shot well!

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