The original Silent Hill got its fan remake in Unreal Engine 5

A new version for fans of the game is currently in development. original silent hilland is using Unreal Engine 5 to provide a new depth and realism to the enemies and the game world.

The hopes of an official new version of the classic series of Konami are currently high, and there’s reason to believe one could be on the way thanks to leaks and rumors suggesting that Bloober-Team is working on a new version of Silent Hill 2.

As reported by DSOGaming, the developers of Codeless Games are currently working on a new version of the original silent hillreinvented in Unreal Engine 5.

In a 10-minute gameplay reveal, a new protagonist is seen, HarryMason, searching in the dark and gloomy. hallways of Midwich Elementary School, which has seen its environments and enemies overhauled with next-gen graphics.

According to the publication, the project aims to become a full game rather than just a remake of a certain part.

It is currently unknown if it will be playable for everyone when complete.

The impressive remake of Silent Hill is one of several fan projects in development using the latest game engine from Epic.

Fans have imagined everything from Skyrim Until another new version in the franchise gta, and each edition fully utilizes the stunning graphics, lighting, shadows, and character models made possible by new technology.

The next generation terror fueled version of Codeless Studio in the original silent hill serves as another showcase for EU5, but it is still unknown if it will ever be publicly available, since Konami was quick to shut down fan projects based on their IP.

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