The Queen of England’s favorite game is totally has-been but we’ve all played it

Because you can be queen for 70 years and allow yourself little moments of relaxation on video games.

Queen Elizabeth II fan of Wii Sports

While Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 70th anniversary on February 6, the iconic monarch is not completely closed to video games. In an anecdote reported by the British site Wired, the queen would love to play … bowling on Wii Sports !

Also according to the newspaper, in 2008, Kate Middleton would have offered the famous Wii console to her husband, Prince William at Christmas. It was while watching her grandson play that the monarch would have “begged to participate” and would have gotten into the game. We can very well imagine Her Majesty shaking her controller, gracefully and with a certain presence, we would also pay very to see these pictures.

The royal family and video games

Even if the console is no longer published today, one wonders if Queen Elizabeth II still continues to play certain games on newer consoles such as the Switch, especially since new sports games are emerging. as Nintendo Switch Sports.

For his part, Prince William has once again shown his talents on Wii Sports. In January 2010, the prince had the honor of bowling with children at a community center in Redfern, Australia.

The Wii, both has-been but brilliant

The 7th best-selling home console of all time, the Wii, developed by Nintendo, landed in our living rooms in 2006. The console was very accessible, within everyone’s reach, and with a wide range of games to play with the family or between friends. We too remember our Just Dance or bowling afternoons with our grandparents.

But what also made the success of the console was the backward compatibility. What Nintendo has not yet managed to reproduce with their latest baby, the Switch.

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