This collector’s edition of a cult game is worth 1 million euros

Some games are worth such a price that it can make you dizzy. This collector’s edition of a cult game is worth the absolutely astronomical sum of 1 million euros.

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Playing video games can be expensive. Just look at the prices of PS5 and Xbox Series X games, even higher than on the previous generation of consoles. 80 €, a significant price that can put off even the most passionate.

But some do not hesitate to spend large sums to acquire exceptional products. If you’re one of them, maybe this cult PS1 game might interest you. On the other hand, to get this collector’s edition of Saints Row IV, you will probably have to save for several years.

This collector’s edition of Saints Row IV is worth 1 million euros

Released in 2013, Saints Row IV is a completely crazy open-world game. Long considered the direct competitor of GTA, the license has taken a more fantastic direction. When the game was released, a collector’s edition named ” Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition sold for one million euros. This exceptional pack, available as a single copy, contained a large number of items.

Including several things far removed from the world of video games such as hotel nights in Dubai, a Lamborghini, space travel, cosmetic surgery of your choice and other fun things. Fortunately, Saints Row IV is also part of the pack. The total value of the items reaches €600,000. The price at which the Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition » being one million euros, it is surprising that it sold for such a price. A truly unique collector’s edition. Remember that the next episode of Saints Row, one of the most anticipated open worlds of the year, will be released on August 23rd.

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