This collector’s edition of an open-world game is worth 10 million euros

10 million euros. This is the price of the very special collector’s edition of this cult open-world game. A pack that contains a lot of amazing things.

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Record: this collector’s edition of an open world game is worth 10 million euros

Collector’s editions sometimes go over the limit

If you have a lot of money on you, you will have the luxury of being able to afford many rare games. Like this collector’s edition of the PS4, the most expensive in the history of the console. And what about the value of this horror game released on PS2 over 15 years ago.

Do you already find these few nuggets of the video game very expensive? It’s the case. And fortunately, it is possible to play video games for less than that. But wait until you see the price of the Collector’s Edition that we’re going to talk about here. It is worth the modest sum… of 10 million euros.

10 million euros for a video game, and much more

You are a fan of the open world Dying Light ? If so, you might be one of the few who finds the price of the Spotlight Edition reasonable. Released in 2016, after Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Editionthe Spotlight collector’s edition, available in a single copy, is excessive.

In addition to the game, the lucky purchaser of the product would have the right to become the voice of Kyle Crane for a personalized edition of the game, to have a role with dialogues in the movie Dying Light (which we are still waiting for), a copy of the open world script Dying Lightstunt training, and a few other quirks, like the ability to get zombie makeup.

In short, a tote available at 10 million euros which does not seem to have found a buyer, according to our research. Dying Light: Spotlight Edition doesn’t seem to be available for sale for a while. While the most expensive DLC in the history of video games, it has been purchased by players.

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