This cult open-world RPG is less than 1 euro for a few days

This game must be absolutely present in your library, if not, now is the time to get it for less than 1 euro.

1 euro for one of the best games in history

The summer sales keep rolling in, and as always, we’re on the lookout for great deals. After spotting the much-loved The Witcher III for less than 6 euros, it’s the turn of this cult franchise to be sold off for next to nothing.

There are games for which we can not afford to miss and the GOG site is there to remind us. As part of its vast summer sales operation, in addition to the 2 games offered each week, GOG is selling off video game classics to allow you to (re) immerse yourself in these cult games at bargain prices.

Here’s how to find Deus Ex for less than 1 euro

Deus Ex Square-Enix

This week, Deus Exconsidered a masterpiece of video gaming, displays -86% reduction i.e. €0.99. Rated 4th best game of all time by Sens Critique and awarded more than 30 awards in 2001 alone, it’s definitely a must-have that should be in your library.

Deus Ex, released in 2000 on PS2, marked the history of video games thanks to its innovative gameplay which mixes both FPS and RPG, taking up the best of both formulas. FPS thanks to the range of modifiable weapons, but also RPG thanks to the open world and the feeling of personalized progression: the player makes his choices and does not have the feeling of following a scenario.

It’s up to you to decide if you prefer to play it tactical, stealthy and organized… or just barbaric. Because yes, it is possible to complete the game without having to kill an enemy! To buy Deus Ex less than 1 euro, just go to GOG at this address. This reduction concerns PC users, but it is quite possible (and even recommended) to connect a controller to play the game.

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