This open-world game is the smallest in history

While open-world games keep getting bigger and more impressive, what is the smallest open-world game in gaming history?

160 m2, the smallest open world

Minecraft, GTA, Horizon Forbbiden West… Open-world games are among the most popular with gamers. Freedom of movement, of exploration, the possibilities offered by this genre are numerous. Thanks to ever more powerful machines, publishers can thus create immense and impressive worlds, like No Man’s Sky.

But what were open worlds like in the early days of video games? One thing is certain, the consoles did not allow to generate such large maps, as we know them today. Limited by technology of the time, Courageous Perseus enters the record category, not for the quality of the gameplay since the game did not make an impression at all, but for the size of its open world which is… 160 m2. This makes it the smallest open-world game in history.

One of the first action RPGs

Courageous Perseus, released in 1984 in Japan, is one of the very first action RPGs and sandboxes in history, even if it was quickly forgotten. And for good reason, he came out just a little before hydride and dragon slayer, hit tracks that completely eclipsed Courageous Perseus. I have to say that hydride already offers much better with 643 m2 of land to explore.

With today’s standards, the game map is tiny, but for the time it seemed quite large and full of monsters to fight. In Courageous Persus, we embody Perseus on a journey to a mysterious island populated by mythical and dangerous beasts that threaten the three goddesses of beauty: Maia, Celaeno and Asterope. Clearly, you must kill the dragons to save the girls, nothing very original, we are well in the 80s.

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