This trophy reserved for the elite is the most difficult to obtain in the Dark Souls saga

Like all PlayStation games, Dark Souls also have trophies to collect. Here is the most difficult to obtain in the history of the saga, which made many sweat.

PS4 trophies, even more demanding on Souls

Are you a Souls fan? You have certainly spent hours of pain on the games developed by FromSoftware, to suffer against the enemies and the merciless bosses of each of these titles.

Even more so if you like collecting trophies. They are often very complicated to obtain and do not “simply” ask you to shoot down everything that moves. One of them made all the players on the first sweat Dark Souls. Discover the most difficult trophy to obtain in the history of the series.

Honor of the Knight, the most difficult trophy in the Dark Souls saga

“Knight’s Honor” is the most difficult trophy to obtain from the license Dark Souls. What must you do to get it? Unlock all rare weapons. A fairly simple description of the trophy that does not necessarily honor – no pun intended – the difficulty of obtaining it.

Already, because the weapons and shields that you have to find must all be improved to the maximum. Some gear can only be obtained by severing bosses’ tails, a particularly arduous task that can prove frustrating. Others are acquired by dropping on classic enemies, which can take lots and lots of time.

Find here a list of all the objects to obtain to measure how difficult the task is. 40% of gamers Dark Souls Remastered have the “Knight’s Honor” trophy on PS4. Don’t think that devalues ​​accomplishment. This is just proof that players of Dark Souls are particularly determined.

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