This unexpected crossover between The Witcher and Elden Ring amazes players

Imagine for a moment Geralt de Riv join the Entre-Terre. It’s now done thanks to a modder who introduced the witcher into the game from FromSoftware.

When The Witcher invites himself into the Elden Ring

Players are not lacking in imagination when it comes to creating mods on successful games. Latest title to create tons of them: the highly respected Elden Ring. While FromSoftware’s latest baby is establishing itself as one of the best games of 2022, so even Elon Musk is playing it, the game sports a new hunting ground for modders.

One of them, Fatg0d, presented his latest creation on Reddit. As an inveterate fan of The Witcher and then of Elden Ring, the player had the idea of ​​mixing the two universes by completely recreating Geralt of Riv in order to take him to the Underworld.

Recreating geralt’s combat style in Elden ring from gaming

A mod faithful to The Witcher

Although there are already an impressive number of mods on Elden Ring, this one is stunningly realistic. The mod transcribes The Witcher and the main character as faithfully as possible thanks to the wide range of options available to players. White hair, swords, crossbow and armor, no detail is left to chance. The mod even goes so far as to reproduce the combat techniques of The Witcher with the signs, powers specific to witchers:

  • The Igni sign which ignites enemies within range is replaced by the ashes of war Flame of the Red Lions
  • The Yrden sign which generates a protection shield is replaced by the ashes of war dark waves
  • The Quen sign which knocks back enemies is replaced by the consumable Opaline Crystal Pearl
  • The Aard sign which allows you to destroy obstacles and knock down opponents is replaced by the ashes of war Blade Tempest

That’s not all, the mod also includes the enchantments, oils and bombs used by Geralt de Riv. In short, one could almost believe that the famous witcher has always been part of Elden Ring. What to wait before the release of the fourth installment of The Witcher under development.

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