This very popular game released on PS2 is now worth more than 3,000 euros

In the category of rare and expensive retro games, this one is particularly coveted, it can resell up to 3,000 euros.

Back in the 2000s, where the PS2 largely dominated all sales. To this day, it remains the best-selling console that has seen the birth of cult franchises, having forever forged our old memories of players.

These years represent, without a doubt, a very good vintage for the history of video games. As such, the trend of retrogaming is gaining ground, with titles selling for thousands of dollars like this cult Nintendo game worth 7,000 euros. The PS2 is not left out and sees its rating increase, this is the case of Sengoku Anthologya very popular but above all very rare beat’em all.

Sengoku, the game impossible to find on PS2

Sengoku Anthology SNK

Attention, Sengoku is not to be confused with Son Goku from Dragon Ball: the two are unrelated. In fact, Sengoku refers to a very specific period of Japanese history marked by numerous military conflicts and social changes. This is the theme of the game Sengoku published by the Japanese company SNK.

Sengoku Anthology is a compilation of the three episodes of Sengoku on PS2, the first episode of which was released in 1991 on Neo Geo. Mystical atmosphere mixing the aspect traditional japanese and the apocalyptic near future coupled with innovative gameplay where it is possible to transform into a samurai or ninja dog. The title meets its small success, although the franchise is criticized for its rather stiff gameplay and its somewhat bland graphics.

Sengoku, a rare and expensive game

Today, the title is difficult to obtain. And for good reason, as is often the case for relatively unknown Japanese titles, their European versions exist in good less quantity and are published in few copies.

Thus, PAL versions of the game resell very expensive, much more expensive than the original titles. In the case of Sengoku Anthology, a sale was concluded for more than €3,000, where the Japanese versions are much easier to find for a few tens of euros. Take a look at your collection!

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