Tired of Call of Duty? Insurgency: Sandstorm is your new must-have shooter

Activision is clear: Call of Duty Vanguard fell short of expectations. The community is marking October 28 in red, when what they call “the new era” of the saga will debut. Modern Warfare 2 is already in the publisher’s plans, but until then we have to look for alternatives in the genre. Among them, Insurgency: Sandstorm stands out, a shooter halfway between tactics and the high speed of modern current.

The virtues of Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency: Sandstorm offers a series of rules that differ from the standard of modern shooters. Few bullets are needed to finish off the enemy and damage taken does not regenerate automatically. Character control is true to life: upside down the weight of gear will slow you down, running wastes energy and making you imprecise when aiming hard, among other things.

Weapons are also part of the game space, that is, their size is recorded and influences when looking through windows, doors and various structures. It’s a game with enough components to classify it as a tactical shooter, but at the same time it seeks a fast and intense experience. There is no place to rest.

Visual and gameplay aids are also reduced. The gunplay is exquisite: each weapon has its advantages and vulnerabilities, including what we talked about space earlier. If we take a submachine gun as an example, you will be able to peek faster than with an assault rifle. It is not enough to arrive and point fingers. Additionally, the shot type rules out any use of random spread: bullets go where the barrel points with the gun’s characteristic pattern. Measuring back and distance is part of your progression curve.

Games with up to 24 players split between different game modes, which represent the best-known aspects of multiplayer shooters. We find Dominance, Team Duel and VIP Escort, among others. The most popular is Push, which pits attackers against defenders around one target per area. Acts like Advance, seen in Battlefield.

Insurrection: Sandstorm Impressions Patterns Play PS4 PC PS5 Xbox Series

Additional content related to maps, weapons and modes is completely free; the only monetization is in skins. Characters are divided into classes whose equipment varies depending on the job they do in battle. At the time of writing these lines, it has 15 cards playable day and night.

Where can I play it?

Insurgency: Sandstorm is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC; playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S thanks to the backward compatibility system. New World Interactive hopes to release a patch dedicated to operating next-gen consoles in the rest of 2022. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support cross-play.

The game is currently part of the Days of Play offerings on the PS Store. Until June 9 you will find it at 26.79 euros, which represents a discount of 33% compared to its recommended price (39.99 euros).

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