“Token Ranbu -ONLINE-” Traditional Chinese Version Officially Launched on “Johren” Platform

The traditional Chinese version of “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” is officially launched on the Japanese game platform “Johren”!

The traditional Chinese version of “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” is officially launched on the Japanese game platform “Johren”! In the game, players will cultivate “sword men” who become famous swords and famous guns, and build the strongest troops. In order to maintain “historical correctness”, they will travel through time and space, and gallop on those famous battlefields like classic epics, and “historical revisionists”. “Starting a desperate duel.

game story

In 2205 AD, in order to fight against the “historical revisionists” who tried to interfere with the historical development of the past, the government sent “saniwa (players)” with the power to awaken the sword to each era to fight against the “historical revisionists”. “. The divine judge has the ability to awaken the thoughts and minds in the utensils, and through this ability, the “Sword Men”, the gods of death who awakened the sword, fight side by side with the divine examiner.

The third force, “Prosecutors and Disobedients”, is the historical police, and regards “historical revisionists” and “men of swords” who span time and space as enemies, so they also join the battle.

Character introduction

California Qingguang (CV: Toshiki Masada)

  • Drawing: Ji Tian
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Knife account number: 85

A sword used by Soji Okita of the Shinsengumi.

Perhaps because he was born in a poor environment, he thought that as long as he was clean and beautiful, he could be loved by his master.

He looks like the complete opposite of Yamato Morandada, but he is actually a friend who has a similar personality and is quarrelsome.

Singer Kansada (CV: Ishikawa Kairen)

  • Drawing: ホームラン Fist
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Knife account number: 89

This sword is called Kasen Kanding, because his master Hosokawa Zhongxing used him to kill, so it was named after the thirty-six singers.

Nevertheless, I call myself a cultural person.

Yamamaki Kirihiro (CV: Tomoaki Maeno)

  • Drawing: ⑪
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Knife account number: 95

A sword that imitates the legendary spirit sword “Yamamakiri”.

Feeling inferior for being an imitation.

He doesn’t like others complimenting his appearance. He often dresses up in a shabby way. He has extraordinary strength, but he likes to get to the point of trivial matters.

Bee Suka Toru (CV: Xingjin Kazuyuki)

  • Drawing: Arai Telko
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Knife account number: 101

A swordsmith who was active in the Edo period, Toru Toru is one of the various real swords forged.

Although he loves his younger brother Toru Urashima very much, he will disagree with his brother, Toru Nagazō, who is a fake.

Mutsu Shouyoshi Line (CV: Hama Kento)

  • Drawing: Digital Hearts ( boiled た か )
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Knife account number: 93

The sword worn by Ryoma Sakamoto.

Rustic but fond of new things, his ambition and loyalty to his master are both straightforward.

Explanation of Sword Men’s Ability Numerical Values

Swordsmen will fight against the enemies that appear in the combined battlefield with different histories as the background

  • Health: When attacked by the enemy, it will be reduced, causing moderate or serious damage. When the value is 0, the sword man will be destroyed (sword destruction)
  • Hit: The larger the value, the greater the damage to the enemy when attacking, and the damage of one hit will be greater than usual
  • Dominance: Affects sword damage for Swordsmen. The lower the value, the easier it is for the knife to be damaged.
  • Mobility: The higher the value, the faster the attack.
  • Knockback: Affects the number of enemies that can be pushed back at the same time when attacking.
  • Range: The attack range of the sword men.
    “Narrow” attacks one enemy.
    “Vertical” can directly pass through the enemy’s sword and attack the body.
    In addition to one enemy, “Guang” can attack two or three enemies at the same time, together with his upper and lower positions.
    “Horizontal” attacks all enemies.

Kill: Affects the activation rate of “True Sword Kill”, the higher the value, the easier it is to activate.

(※In order to activate True Sword Kill, the premise must be in the state of moderate injury (non-serious injury))

  • Scouting: At the beginning of the battle, detect the formation used by the enemy. The higher the value, the more successful it is to find the formation used by the enemy.
  • Concealment: At the beginning of the battle, prevent the enemy from detecting the formation used by us. The higher the value, the less likely it is to be used by the enemy.

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