Tomodachi Game Manga Gets New Live TV Show

Yuki Satoit is Tomodachi Game (Friends games) manga is getting a live-action TV drama titled Tomodachi Game R4 which will premiere on Asahi Television July 23.

The cast will include members of boy bands Johnny’s Jr. Bish®nen and HiHi Jets. The cast of various members of Groups C and K in the series includes:


  • Hidaka Ukisho (Bishо̄nen) as Yūichi Katagiri
  • Ryuga Sato (Bishо̄nen) as Tenji Mikasa
  • Mizuki Inoue (HiHi Jets) as Makoto Shibe
  • Fujii Naoki (Bishо̄nen) as Kei Shinomiya
  • Taisho Iwasaki (Bishо̄nen) as Jūzō Kadokura
  • Soya Igari (HiHi Jets) as Hyakutarō Onigawara
  • Issei Kanasashi (Bishо̄nen) as Chisato Hashiratani
  • Yuto Nasu (Bishо̄nen) as Banri Niwa

Takurō Oikawa, Hajime Takezono (Asahi Television), and Toshiaki Kamada direct the series. Takuji Higuchi and Shinya Hokimoto are writing the screenplay. Yoshinori Nakamura composes the music. Mikoto Yamaguchi and Sato are credited for the original artwork.

tomodachi game

The anime adaptation of the manga premiered on NTV April 6. JST. Crunchyroll streams the anime as it airs in Japan, and it also streams an English dub.

The story, based on Mikoto YamaguchiThe original concept of, centers on Yūichi Katagiri, a young man with a perfect student life who has four friends with difficult lives. His peaceful daily life comes to an end when 2 million yen (about $20,000) in school trip expenses goes missing. Puzzles unfold as Yūichi gets caught up in a mysterious gambling game and must decide whether friendship or money matters more.

Sato (Sherlock bones, Doctor Yokai) launched the manga in Kodanshait is Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in December 2013. The manga went on hiatus in December 2019, returned for a chapter in February 2020, and then went on hiatus again. The manga entered its final arc in August 2020.

The manga inspired a previous live-action drama series and two live-action movies. The first movie, Tomodachi Game Gekijobanopened in June 2017 after the live-action drama series premiered in April 2017. The second film was screened in Japan in September 2017.

Source: Comic Natalie

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