Twitch Rivals Recap: Road To TwitchCon Ft. Fortnite Zero Build – Part 1

Twitch Rivals hosted three distinct regions: Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), North America (NA), and Latin America (LATAM). In each region, 96 representatives comprising 32 teams competed in six matches. Much like previous Fortnite Twitch Rivals events, this Road to TwitchCon event, in addition to elimination points, awarded the winner of each round 18 points. The second through fifth placed trios received 15 points, while the sixth through 10th ranked trios received only 12 points. Each trio placed thereafter obtained 3 points less.

The total prize pool for each region was $50,000. The first place trio received $7,500, second place received $6,000, third place $4,000, fourth place $3,000 and fifth place $2,250. The player with the most kills during the event received a $200 bonus.

As with previous Twitch Rivals Fortnite events, Road to TwitchCon has banned the use of tanks, armored battle buses, tents, and ballers. However, unlike Creator Series: Finale ft. Fortnite Zero Build and Fortnite Zero Build Showdown II, Road to TwitchCon was, due to the release of the new season, rather revolutionary and fresh. Chapter 3, Season 3 introduced substantial gameplay changes, such as new weapons (Heavy Sniper Rifle), random utility spawns (Reality Saplings), and new locations (Rave Cave). Other than that, Fortnite Zero Build’s meta has been defined by quiet early games where players collect loot, seek superior positioning, and spin mischievously as they attempt to collect the most kills.



The team led by Giorgio “POW3R” Calandrelli arrived at Road to TwitchCon incredibly well prepared. They showed their hard work in the first game with their unparalleled map control. However, they gradually lost control of the map as the storm got closer. Team Solary replaced them with their extremely nimble, dominant card moves and near-infinite kills.

Game two was slow at first, but as soon as the storm started the game picked up speed. Finally, the match culminated with the POW3R team settling into an incredibly well-placed building. Seeing the strategic value of the building, trios rushed to the building to take it back from the POW3R team. However, as soon as they landed, Team Solary quickly cleared the area, seized the building, and won another round.

When they landed on the map in Game 3, Teams POW3RTV, Archie, and Jacob4TV controlled the map. However, neither team was able to match Team Solary in close combat, earning them the third straight victory.

During the fourth game, the trios were geared towards collecting loot and seeking superior positioning. So while players were aiming to lay low, most of the game was relatively peaceful until the storm started. Then, as the storm closed in and the trios felt the pressure, chaos ensued. The sky was crawling with players using the Rift Tower to reposition themselves. However, team agustin51, who previously stood on the high ground, watched the chaos as they secured their victory.

In the fifth match, the POW3R team still has a good start. Possessing the map with their over-aggressiveness, they attracted too much attention. Shortly after, they were eliminated. The rest of the game was slow and reserved. Disciplined as it is, the team led by Jakub “Qln” Romanowski prevailed and won the match.

After an intense fifth game, six teams remained in contention to win their tickets to San Diego. Team Solary, on their losing streak since Game 4, were again eliminated early and lost their chance to win the tournament. This allowed the team managed by Nicolas “Nikof” Frejavise, regularly placed in the top ten, to obtain their Victory Royale.

As Team Nikof proved their consistency time and time again, they won the tournament and secured their tickets to San Diego in October. While Team POW3R was right behind them with 126 points, Team Solary finished the race in third place with 120 points.


Like their friends overseas, the team led by Turner “Tfue” Tenny ran the show from the moment they set foot on the map. Besides collecting specific loot, their strategy was to occupy high ground and, with calculated aggression, eliminate the most enemies on the map. However, due to poor rotation, they gave the others enough leeway to eliminate them. In a final open-field battle, Team Eyapixie won the round.

In Game 2, Team Tfue, who had already collected 22 total eliminations, once again dominated the map. However, the team led by Marcus “Ranger” Pereira, who kept a low profile for most of the match, won the round by eliminating the last players alive.

In Game 3, great positioning was the ultimate goal for all lines. Team Tfue once again showed both their talent and skills. However, their almost robotic aims and clever map moves proved insufficient in the eyes of Team Ranger, who won another round.

Since Team Ranger’s positioning and rotations remained unmatched in Game 4, they easily closed out Game 4 with a straight win.

Game 5 was scored by Team Tfue eliminating players left and right. The other trios only assumed a similar ferocity in the eye of the storm centered around a bridge. In the game’s final skirmish, players finally had a chance to prove their mechanical prowess. Surrounded by the remains of their enemies, Team squatingdog secured their victory.

In the last match, the tension was at its height as the players opted for an extremely cautious and tactful style of play. However, Team Tfue saw this as an opportunity to completely overtake the entire map and eradicate all traces of opposing teams.

Unsurprisingly, Team Tfue placed first and won their tickets to TwitchCon San Diego with a clear 184 points. The Aydan “Aydan” Conrad-led team finished second with 123 points, and Team Ranger finished third with 116 points.

In LATAM, Federico “zEkO” Cristalino’s team earned their ticket to TwitchCon in October with 127 points. The team led by Kim “Patriota” Nigro was right behind them with 121 points.

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