Unexplored 2 arrives June 3, exclusive to consoles on Xbox

Publisher Big Zugar announces the arrival of Unexplored 2: The Wayfahrer Legacy for next June 3. Planned for PC, Xbox One and Series X | S, this will be an RPG with a touch of Rogue-Lite. Its trailer is available below.

Unexplored 2 will follow the first opus released on Xbox in 2018. But big difference however, you will no longer be confined to dark dungeons, but a lush open world! Its developer, Ludomotion, specifies that the game will be devoid of XP or gold… Your choices and their consequences will guide your steps! If you die, you’ll have the option to start over, or continue your journey with another character. In this second case, you will witness the result of your previous choices, and will have to face it.

Your quest will take you across the world to find and destroy the “Staff of Yendor”. Along the way you will visit villages, and come across multiple characters! An original concept, a correct realization and a new open world for each game, where should I sign?

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