Use Action Note To Create Notes With Windows 10 Action Center Integration

Windows 10 offers several apps that help you take notes in an instant. By far the most used application for this purpose is the default Windows application – Microsoft OneNote. Although it’s a great app, OneNote for Windows 10 has some shortcomings. For example, the application is tailor-made for mobile touch devices such as tablets. As such, it does not integrate well with other devices such as Windows 10 laptops and desktops. To overcome this, a new app called Note on actions was developed and is available for download from the Windows Store.

Action Note app for Windows 10

Action Note is a note-taking app that integrates with your Action Center and provides quick access to all your notes. It takes your productivity to the next level!

Here are its features in a nutshell:


  • Categorization and ordering of offers
  • Enables Action Center integration
  • Supports attachments
  • Supports multi-device synchronization
  • Offline Support
  • Possibility of customization
  • beautiful design
  • Ability to scan QR codes.

The app has a very simple interface which makes navigation quite easy. The main window displays a list of all entries, with their titles. Here you can configure settings to help you organize notes either by categorizing them based on color or sorting them alphabetically or by category. You will find the To sort and Category links at the top of the note. Moreover, it also offers a preview of their description along with a color tag.

You will also find an “Archive” section in the left panel. Here you will see all the notes that you have previously deleted. It houses a ‘Restore‘ which allows you to restore all deleted notes in case you change your mind. If the notes you deleted are no longer needed, you can choose to delete them permanently.

Action Note Archive

To create a new note, press the ‘+‘ visible at the bottom of the main window and add a few lines to your note. Later, you can add an image to your note or attachment, if needed.

Action Note New Note

You will hardly notice the editing options in the app. However, there is one intuitive feature of the app – The Voice input. You can access this functionality by clicking on the icon placed second on the left of the bar. This option allows you to dictate notes rather than type them. You can just read it in the action note and it will keep adding everything to your note. It can also read your notes so you can review your note while performing other tasks.

Action Note is compatible with all devices (PC and phones). Please note that Action Note is a universal application. What does it mean? Apart from Windows 10 computers, the app will work on mobile devices as well as HoloLens. This extends additional flexibility since the capacity ensures that your notes are readily available regardless of the machine currently in use. You can download the app from Windows Store. It is available for free, but contains in-app purchases.

Action Note app for Windows 10

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