V Rising is hitting Steam, what is the fashion vampire game about?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Among Us, Valheim… all are different, but they have in common that they have become very popular very quickly. Something similar is happening with V Rising, a vampire survival video game that just released in Early Access. Its success was such that it caught the studio off guard, a developer who just celebrated that more than a million gamers have purchased the product.

“1 million vampires have awakened from their slumber. Thank you all very much for participating in this achievement. Like any phenomenon, the work of Stunlock Studios has certain characteristics that have caught the attention of gamers. In the following lines we review the most important points of V Rising and answer a very simple question: what is the game about?

V Rising, vampires wake up again

The main character has been a vampire in torpor for centuries. As soon as he wakes up, he will have to search for fresh blood to recover his power, always keeping in mind that he cannot accomplish this task in the light of the sun. As he rebuilds his fortress, he must turn humans into servants while allying with other vampires online.

The game allows us to explore Vardorant, a rich world full of details. We can collect resources and strengthen new skills, customize the castle, protect treasures and choose the style of play that suits the way we each play. In addition to numerous weapons and powers, this title with survival game elements includes all kinds of customization parts, which also include the possibility of combining weapons with a variety of spells.

What tactic will you use? Whether you travel alone with other companions, conflicts in Vardorant can be resolved in several ways: diplomacy or war against the enemy. How could it be otherwise, trying to conquer other players’ castles is an essential part of gaming.

V Rising is exclusively available on PC. Do not miss our top with the best vampire games.

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