Which team will dominate the Champions League final? FIFA 22 responds

The UEFA Champions League final will end a thrilling season for white fans. Real Madrid are on their way to the fourteenth repeating a rival they know very well. kyiv’s history repeats itself in 2018: Liverpool await them with a thirst for revenge. But over the past four years, both teams have tweaked their arsenals slightly. Some heroes (Rodrygo) are born; others, on the other hand, are no longer there. We take a look at FIFA 22 stats which team is the strongest right now.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool: Which team is the strongest according to FIFA 22?

Currently, FIFA 22 gives Jurgen Klopp’s side the advantage. Despite losing the Premier League in the last game, EA Sports has rewarded the positive inertia of the past few days with a significant boost in some players’ stats. Liverpool currently average 87 in attack, 84 in midfield and 86 in defence. Real Madrid, on the other hand, have more strength among their midfielders (87) at the cost of losing in front (84) and in defense (83). Both teams have the highest rating in the game: five stars.

The two teams form a classic 4-3-3 in the video game. In real life Real Madrid’s formation will probably change to 4-4-2, but in the comparison we will use the same system. Man for man, Real Madrid have six outstanding players per position, while Liverpool have the other five.

The center of the field is the stronghold of Real Madrid. Casemiro (90), Kroos (90) and Modric (88) dominate the midfield with an iron fist. Looking back, the line of four is red: Robertson (87), Van Dijk (90) and Alexander-Trent Arnold (87) form part of the defense, which is complemented by Alaba (85) in white representation. The trident above is clear: Karim Benzema (91), Mané (89) and Salah (91). Under the sticks, Courtois (89) leaves no doubt.

Source: FIFA 22

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