Why does the announcement of the release of the next One Piece film in France amaze fans?

The release date of the film One Piece Red in France has finally been revealed. The least we can say is that fans are going to be very happy with this new announcement.

The release date in France seduces fans

While the Red movie date is scheduled for August 6 in Japan, no information was available regarding the French release. But recently we were able to know the official date of the arrival of the next feature film of One Piece on the hexagon. Only 4 days after the land of the rising sun, that is to say August 10you will be able to go to the cinema to see the new adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew which will have an unusual look for the occasion.

A premature release compared to previous animated films that delights fans. The community One Piece Frenchwoman finally feels respected. As a reminder, France is the second country that consumes the most manga in the world. Just behind Japan and ahead of the United States.

A film centered on Shanks, really?

Despite this justified enthusiasm on the part of the fans, one point irritates all the followers of One Piece. Originally intended to show Shanks Le Roux’s story, the trailer for the animated movie Red doesn’t seem to actually reveal Luffy’s mentor. It is rather his daughter, Uta, who should be at the heart of the film, alongside the Mugiwaras.

A slight disappointment for all those who are waiting for the Emperor of the Seas to finally make a new appearance and demonstrate the extent of his power against a formidable enemy! Maybe soon against Blackbeard?

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