Xbox Wireless Controller Shortage Confirmed By Microsoft


In short: Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series console shortages are nothing new. Now, however, Xbox controllers are also becoming hard to find. The overall picture is unclear, but the problem seems more acute in European countries.

Microsoft confirmed to VGC this week that supply constraints are currently affecting Xbox Wireless Controllers. Customers across Europe say they have become scarce and online prices have risen.

ResetEra forum posters from countries including the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Denmark are reporting shortages. At UK retailer GAME, the £160 Elite Series 2 is the only official wireless Xbox controller available, as cheaper standard controllers seem to have sold out. At, third-party sellers are offering the Carbon Black Xbox controller for around £100 – a significant price increase – and Amazon direct stock has been spotty to non-existent in recent weeks. Dutch Price History Charts Showing the same controller at around €100 – its highest sustained price ever.


The United States does not seem to be in the same situation. Although many Xbox controllers at GameStop are only available second-hand, there are plenty of new ones available. The offer also looks normal on and the official US Xbox website. The availability of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller also seems normal.

It’s hard to say if the problem stems from the same supply constraints that plague Xbox Series consoles. Since 2020, supply chain issues have impacted many different electronics, but they haven’t significantly affected gaming console accessories. Stranger still, supply is only low for a controller type and in a region. Microsoft could not provide information on when users might find them more easily.

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