XEL is coming to the second half on Xbox

Initially planned for the second quarter of the year, it is finally in the second half that XEL will land on our consoles. This Zelda-like developed by Tiny Roar immerses us in the skin of Reid, a young amnesiac who wakes up on a mysterious island. A rich world, with many biomes, dungeons drawing on the aforementioned license as well as many puzzles. Your abilities will grow as the adventure progresses, offering the possibility of controlling the time between several eras.

The least we can say is that the studio did not do things by halves. Indeed, to the soundtrack, it is none other than Gidon Wolff to composition. After taking care of Metro Exodus and The Elder Scrolls OnlineIt’s certain XEL that we can appreciate the work of the man.

XEL arrives July 12 on PC, followed by July 14 on Switch and later this year on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PS4/5. A 30-minute demo is also available directly on Steam.

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