Xfest 22: Microsoft helps developers be better

For several years, Microsoft has become accustomed to organizing round tables and other conferences dedicated to professionals. Sometimes private formats, reserved for industry players who then share experiences on the development of games, technical solutions, etc. In 2022, Microsoft is continuing this knowledge sharing approach and is now opening it up to the public. Welcome to Xfest for Everyone

The Xfest is a Microsoft event organized around the creation of video games. Developers from different studios share their knowledge and skills there and allow other creators to quickly gain expertise on new or complex subjects. Several conferences are thus offered online and offer insights and experiences on various subjects:

  • Developing a game for cloud gaming, how to support and market it
  • Increase the activity of its studio and its games with greater commercial success, new monetization axes
  • Understand and manage multiplayer, matchmaking and network issues
  • Master technical tools such as Unreal Engine and in particular the creation of portals in games
  • ….


All these conferences are available to everyone online. All you have to do is go to the site accessible for the occasion and choose your program. However, certain information remains subject to the agreement of an NDA, in particular concerning the [email protected] program for example. It will remain at the discretion of each to accept them or not and to discover the relative contents.

In any case, we can only welcome Microsoft’s approach to allow this kind of sharing. The information and advice offered could well be particularly valuable for independent studios or small structures!

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