Yoshihide Yoshihide raided his personal Twitter account and posted a post confirming that “Hunter” is really still being drawn!Tracking over a million a day

There is probably no news more shocking than this in the animation circle recently.The manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi, who is world-famous for “Yuyou Hakusho” and “HUNTER×HUNTER”, not only raided yesterdaypersonal twitter accountand even released the original photo, saying that he is continuing to work, making netizens around the world go crazy.

Regarding Yoshihiro Yoshihiro, the first thing that many people think of is the synonym “suspended publication”. In particular, “HUNTER×HUNTER” has been serialized since 1998. Since the last new chapter was released, it has been more than three years without any progress or even an ending. The outside world is looking forward to when Yoshihiro Yoshihiro will no longer be “rich traitor”. , hurry up and tell us whether Kurapika has disembarked or not.

Yoshihiro Yoshihiro is a manga artist with a mysterious whereabouts from beginning to end, and he has never opened any public social account in the past. Because of the long-term suspension, many fans joked that if he hadn’t broken the current game, he would basically not continue to serialize his works.

The incident of Yoshihide Yoshio’s initiative to open a personal Twitter account is too shocking to netizens around the world, because it is widely believed that he should not like people who run social platforms in essence, especially Twitter is full of fake accounts. Therefore, at first everyone doubted the authenticity of the account.

It was not until later that another cartoonist Murata Yusuke, as well as his former assistant, the Japanese JUMP editorial department, etc., came out to confirm that the account was indeed Yoshihiro Yoshihiro himself, or after backtracking on Twitter, did the outside world confirm that he really started playing Started twitter.

Japan’s Shueisha, which is responsible for the serialization of “HUNTER×HUNTER”, also pointed out that, according to their understanding, the account should be Mr. Yoshihiro Shigashi.

At present, Yoshihide Yoshihide has only published two original manuscripts on Twitter. The first photo has been forwarded more than 450,000 times, and the number of account followers has continued to increase over time, and there is no trend to stop. But even if Yoshihiro Yoshihiro did start to work seriously, Shueisha has not yet announced the resumption of “HUNTER×HUNTER”.

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